Dubrovnik and Konavle walking festival

There is no better way to experience the surroundings than to walk around and breathe in the nature! The perfect opportunity for that in Dubrovnik area is Dubrovnik & Konavle walking festival.

This new festival will give you a chance to explore natural, cultural and historical heritage of south Croatia on foot. Hiking trails will take you to amazing photo stops overviewing Adriatic sea, guarding mountain range, Konavle Valley, ancient cities of Cavtat and Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik and Konavle walking festival is primarily envisioned to display a different face of Dubrovnik – the one away from crowds, oriented towards local flavors and paths, with the sense of freedom, calmness and belonging to nature. Fertile Konavle field, picturesque villages, walking paths, old railway trail, vineyards, wineries, domestic households await you in a unique program designed to fit everyone – from absolute beginners to advanced hikers.

There are four walking tours that are offered to enjoy: Stone crosses walking tour, Old railway road, Following Napoleon steps and Old Dubrovnik aqueduct. On the official website you can find more details about the tours such as distance, level and route. The highlights of every trip are tasting local food and wine, spending a day in nature, accompanied by astonishing viewpoints.

After enjoyable gastro Stone crosses walking tour group of hikers came in Cadmos Village for unforgettable lunch in our ecofriendly restaurant.

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